Typhoon and Trembling

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October 12th 2019, the fastest growing typhoon in the last 30 years hit Japan. The size was really huge, about 1.5 size of France (1400 km). That super typhoon (category 5) hit Japan around 9 pm. Hence, my first typhoon was a monster, named Hagibis.

Satellite image of Hagibis – Météo France

The trajectory of the typhoon was over Tokyo prefecture (among others), where I live. Japanese people prepared themselves according the violence forecasted. They went in a shopping spree to do provisions. Bread, water, meat, instant noodles totally vanished. I didn’t expect that, and I could only buy a bottle of German sparkling water ^^. Then, I also filled some recipients like pan and rice cooker with water in case of.

One can notice, on the excuse image, than Japanese people use generally a number to refer to the typhoon, more than the name (used when they talk in English). Here, Hagibis is the 19th cyclone of the season.

The daytime before the typhoon was windy and rainy, like it can be found in France or Europe in autumn. Wind and rain really started around 5 pm. I stayed locked in my room according tips from my friends, university or NHK (Japan’s national broadcasting channel).

But the most impressive thing for me was around 6:30 pm with the unexpected earthquake, magnitude of 3. It was almost my first earthquake (if one I felt in Alsace almost 10 years ago is excepted). It really scared me, I thought first that was the typhoon! But after I thought it was an earthquake and NHK confirmed my thoughts. The filling was stranger, to fill the ground shake under your feet. The elements were crazy with Japan that nights! Hopefully it was a small earthquake.

Epicenter and magnitude – yossy blog

In my place, rain was moderate (like a big storm) and the wind not so violent. Whereas, in other places in Kanto it’s worst. Many rivers overflowed, water had to be released to dam, about 50 people died, about 15 people are missing and a lot of material damage. I was luckier.

I also had the chance to experienced the eye of the typhoon, where the wind is calm in the middle of the storm. It was quite impressive to see the wind suddenly stopping for about 15 minutes and starting again after. It was the pity it took place during the night, I wished to see the bright sky because from my balcony I cannot see the stars during the night. When the wind was blowing, it was singing inside the building through ventilation, it was strange.

Eye of the typhoon, no wind
The wind starts again

Here was my first experience with typhoon and earthquake! It’s a hard start in Japan with a double natural disaster after one month. But when I’m watching the news, I feel lucky comparing to others, with no damages here. I went outside as soon as Sunday morning with a beautiful sky. I went shopping in Tokyo center, everything was open, as usual.

🙏 Though to families of victims!

NHK page to learn the latest news about the typhoon.


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