My name is Siméon and I will start a PhD in robotics in Japan (Tokyo) in September. I will use this blog to share my experiences in the Land of the Rising Sun in addition of my research works.

I was graduated in 2015 in mechatronics from INSA of Strasbourg (France), I also achieved a dual master degree in robotics in Télécom Physique Strasbourg (IRIV master). After that, I started to work as software engineer before achieving my dream to perform a PhD in Japan.

My interest of Japan really started in 2015 after rediscovering Detective Conan that I watched each evening after junior high school. I started to learn Japanese thanks to Memrise app, specially kanas. Then, I followed my learning thanks to books and internet for one year; then I started group lessons in Strasbourg, and, six months ago, private lesson. My current level is not so good, just under N4 I think.

I also welcomed Japanese students in Strasbourg, thanks to Erasmus Student Network buddy system. For one semester or one year, according student stay, I showed them Strasbourg, Alsace and French culture also. I got 4 buddies, and met also other friends. Thanks to that program I could practice a bit, but English was not so far 😞

I had the opportunity to travel in Japan two times, two weeks each. Mostly in Kansai, but also to Hiroshima and, of course in Tokyo area. I visited most of the main touristic spots. I also like Japanese food, such as takoyaki, ramen, or sushi 😋

Happy reading on my blog, I hope you enjoy!

PS: Why “SiméonオJapon”? The pronunciation of the katakana オ is same as the French word “au”, and the phrase “Siméon au Japon” simply means “Siméon in Japan” 😋



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